"As the Internet empowers citizens and democratizes societies, it is also changing the way business is conducted: entrepreneurs are able to start new businesses more easily by accessing the Internet's worldwide network of  customers... helping fuel economic growth well into the 21st Century."

-Presidential Directive: William J. Clinton, July 1 st, 1997

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   PenSol, LLC is a company devoted to helping individuals and small and medium sized businesses realize their full potential on the world wide web.  PenSol provides every service necessary to quickly develop a complete web site whether you are creating a new site, or looking to expand and develop a current site.  PenSol also provide hosting services if you prefer to manage your own site, but would like to use PenSol servers to avoid the heavy costs of dedicated data lines and system administration.

  The Internet and e-commerce are revolutionizing the world, bringing businesses and customers closer than ever before possible.  World trade is now occurring over the Internet, everything from the purchase of stocks and bonds to computers and motion pictures.  Communicating with anyone anywhere in the world can now be nearly instantaneous regardless of physical distances.  Truly we live in a remarkable time, where opportunity knocks louder than any other period of history..

  With so many potential variables, e-commerce / service sites usually require a custom quote.  More specific information and general guidelines may be found on our e-commerce page.  To request more information, see the contact information page, or send us an e-mail at info@pensol.com .


Internet Commentaries

 "Look at your company and online    marketing strategy from the outside in."

By Jane Applegate, cnnfn.com.

 "New Internet Domain Names Ok'd"

By Joseph Coleman, AP.

"Two Deadly Sins of E-selling"

By Rob Schmults, Fort Point Partners.

 "The Art of Online Retailing"

By Melissa Pennings, Creative Good.


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