What started off as a grease manufacturing unit in the small town of Ranchi in erstwhile Bihar has now become a force in the field of lubricants industry. Since the time Mr. C. B. Khemka first started business as a cottage industry manufacturing just one product – 'Monoutility Grease', Pensol has grown by leaps and bounds. With a product catalogue of more than 150 different lubricants solutions, Pensol is one of the largest independent manufacturers of lubricants in India. Our products are used in the automotive, industrial and marine sectors, with greases being our core strength.

Our Beliefs and Approach

Our constant refusal to follow me-too strategies whether in production, distribution or business acquisition has set us apart from the competition. We don't believe in walking down the beaten path and would rather spend time creating a fresh path for ourselves.

We are incessantly harnessing the strength of our strong technical and marketing team to bring out tomorrow's breakthrough products, today. Our large portfolio of products is evidence of our consistent record in coming out with new and improved products.

Our Guiding Principles

We have been guided in our 50 years existence of providing quality lubricant products at competitive price, by our 5 guiding principles. They are like our 'holy commandments', ones from which we do not budge.

  • A customer centric approach.
  • Belief in the abilities of our people.
  • Fostering and encouraging innovation and lateral thinking.
  • Treating our service providers and suppliers as our partners.
  • Engaging in sincere and open communication.